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squee :D

http://www.otakugallery.com/Generale/gallery.php?pic=Art Books/Sakura Taisen - Official Guide Romance Version/006.jpg
found this while looking for art - now we have something of a layout for Team Japan

copy paste link since I didn't realize what it looked like 'til now


I have e-mailed everyone to ask if they would like to join us for the restart of the game. Unfortunately, a handful of people have not replied. I don't think it would be prudent to continue waiting for them. I cannot guarantee that any of them will ever reply with a yes or no, and it would be unfair to keep everyone waiting.

Please remove the following people.


If any of them change their minds and decide to return, they are more than welcome. However, I cannot save their characters for them. This isn't to be cruel, but simply because I cannot guarantee replies from them. It would not be fair to bar people from applying for those characters when it is not absolute that they have any interest in returning. If they come back and wish to pick up a character they had in the past, and if the character is still open, they will not have to reapply.

As for the restart, I need to check over a few things and will e-mail everyone once we're ready to roll! Thank you for your patience.

EDIT: Nevermind, chang_wu_fei is still with us!

Hard at Work

Hello everyone! We've been hard at work for awhile on the game. I have a few points of interest to cover in this update.

1. We have now finalized the game play system. You can head on over and check it out. Let us know if everything is clear, please.

2. We've decided how performances will be dealt with. If you look here, you can find an example post.

3. Remember to refresh memories by looking over the story, guidelines and FAQ! If you think anything should be added/subtracted from any of these, please say so. Everything should be clear and concise for players.

4. And don't forget to look over the taken, reserved and requested characters. Did we leave anyone out? Did you realize you had someone you'd like to put on hold? Do we need to update the teams/team members, contact info or quick add list? Let us know!

5. We have a few new additions to all this information! Please, direct your attention to locations and restaurants. The locations should prove useful, while the restaurant part is a bit more for fun.

Do you think we've left any stones unturned?

If you have questions, concerns or comments, feel free to speak up! Thank you for your patience and input.

Battle Gameplay

We have set up how the battle portion of the game will be handled. If you'd like to read up on all the newest updates, you can find them here! If you have anything to add, please don't be afraid to say so.

Now, we're going to figure out how performances themselves will be handled. If anyone has ideas or suggestions, we're happy to hear them. Thank you for your patience everyone!

I have e-mailed past players to see who will be returning to us. If you've already checked in, there's no reason to worry. If your character(s) are on the taken or reserved list, you're in the clear. If you see a character of yours missing, please let us know ASAP. We will fix it immediately.

Also, mods have a new e-mail! If you want to contact us for questions, comments or applications, please e-mail sakutaimods[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Homestretch

We have finally set up a battle system as well as how the theater aspect will be handled. The posting order rules have also been posted. You can check out how we'll be handling it here. If you have any questions or comments about anything, don't be afraid to speak up.

All we have left, for now, is to double check everything. Once that's finished, I will start sending out e-mails to get everyone filing back in and the game will commence. I will send everyone an e-mail, even those who confirmed a return, to say they can come back.

We are starting over fresh. This means all past RP work has been wiped clean. Thank you for your patience, everyone!

ETA: I forgot to tell everyone that I'm adding restaurants/bars and stores to all of the theaters. I'm doing this in case anybody might like a character to work as a chef, waitstaff or vendor.

Restaurants will sell food based on where they're located. I am also debating making menu items based on the characters at the theater. For example, the restaurant in Japan will sell ramen because it's Naruto's favorite.

As for the stores, they will sell things like merchandise from the plays, clothing (maybe even replicas of favorite play costumes?) or newspapers. I'll let players with vendor characters decide what a particular store might carry, as long as it doesn't get silly.


Hello everyone! We're one step closer to reopening for everyone. Right now, we're working on getting the battle system set up. Once we have that, we're going to do a quick once over before making sure we're ready to start up. In the near future, I'll be e-mailing players who haven't already told me they're coming back to see who will be returning. Thank you all for your patience!

If you have any ideas or opinions about how the battle system should be set up, please comment! Thank you.


So far, I have updated story, guidelines, FAQ, application, assault teams and game suggestions.

No major changes have been made to any of these, but they have been reworded in some areas. You may want to read and refresh your memories. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to message the mod journal, sakutaimods.

We are currently discussing how battles will be fought, posting order, and how the musicals will be handled.

We have decided that we will be starting fresh. It would make sense to take us back to zero and start up again, especially since we don't want to expect everyone to remember everything that happened. Besides, starting the game up again means that it would be best to start anew.

Before I update the taken list, I would like everyone to say who they are keeping. I know some people were dropping characters. There is no need to reapply! All you have to do is say you are keeping them. Originally, I wasn't going to worry about reserving characters, but go ahead and add them in comments here along with who you're taking. For characters you reserve, you do need to apply for them. It's only characters who have previously been accepted that don't need to reapply. Thank you!

If you have any concerns, questions or comments, you can leave them on this post or message sakurataimods. In order to help me organize, the only thing I really need on this post is what characters you're keeping. Thank you!

Kat (ravenousbunny)

Rising from the Ashes

Hey everyone, it's Kat. I know I really dropped the ball for a long while there. I'm incredibly sorry about that, but I'm back! dreaming_faerie and I are currently working on organizing things. We hope to make the game more enjoyable and easier for everyone to keep up with. :)

As you can see, we now have an official mod journal! In order to make modding easier on dreaming_faerie and I, I will probably be reposting rules, basic information, guidelines and so on with the mod journal. I apologize in advance if this ends up flooding everyone's friends list. I'm doing this so that both of us have access to all the important info. I wanted to give people a heads up before the flood came.

Again, I'm very sorry that things went a little downhill on my part. I hope to make it up to everyone by bringing this game back better than ever! I'll be giving more updates as we start getting everything together. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I hope to have a chance to play with all of you again very soon!



Okay, big apology to everyone. I should have updated sooner, but I kept forgetting and just got to be too lazy. Big apologies.

I have been put on as another mod, but currently this place will be in hiatus. The original mod is dealing with some things and we need to rethink the whole fighting/play thing. So for the time being, this place is on hold.

I'm very sorry and grateful to everyone that played and for those that want to. When this place is back in action, I will let you all know.

If you want to ask me any questions, either leave me a message here, or PM dreaming_faerie.

Aug. 31st, 2009

I'm officially bak, everyone. I am so sorry for the leave, but i had some really bdmental stuff going on. It's acutally. .. .still happening, but I will be around more, just because I'm trying toforget about all the BS that's happened.

Please, forgive me my leave.

~ Len, Ulquiorra, & Gakupo-mun.